Vol. 3 Issue 4

Ye Olde Magic Mag - volume 3 issue 4 - the worst magician in historyWho was the worst magician in history? This is revealed in the fourth issue of the third volume of Ye Olde Magic Mag concludes its third year with a whirlwind of magic history information and a look on unusual magic collectibles sold in the last quarter.
In this issue:

  • Editor Marco Pusterla reveals the Worst Magician in History! A career with so many bad reviews for a performer that it’s almost unbelievable. But this magician’s life story deserves to be narrated as he left behind a tremendous legacy, a great magic trick!
  • How many tricks does a performer must know? David Devant famously knew only eight, but who was the amateur rebuked as he knew more than 300? Discover this in a short article by David Britland, a foremost magic expert and author.
  • Magic History Events galore! The Magic Collectors Weekend is reviewed by Richard Hatch, while the Gathering @ The Magic Circle is discussed by Marco Pusterla and Anne Goulden.
  • New magic history books have been published, and they are reviewed (and criticized, where necessary) in Chewing the Magic Fat, together with a curious anecdote on a Royal difficult spectator.
  • Our regular column, Auction Action gives its usual review of important magic objects that sold at auction since the previous issue, revealing little-known facts on some of them.

All this and more in this issue of Ye Olde Magic Mag, don’t miss it! This issue contains almost 19,000 words, is 52 pages long and, once again, is available as a Download and in printed format, LIMITED TO 100 SIGNED AND NUMBERED COPIES, for the most distinguished collectors.

The Digital Issue no. 4 of Volume 3 of Ye Olde Magic Mag is 5MB in size, has 52 pages and contains almost 19,000 words. Download your copy now!

Ye Olde Magic Mag is the first fully-digital magazine on Magic History and on collecting magical memorabilia, edited and published by Marco Pusterla, M.M.C. A quarterly publication, it is available in a small number of printed copies, all individually numbered and signed, for real collectors. The printed version (52 pages long) gives access to the digital one and is shipped post-free worldwide! You cannot reserve a number as they are assigned sequentially when you order a copy. If you prefer, you can subscribe to the magazine with a PayPal recurring payment.

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