About Ye Olde Magic Mag

Welcome to Ye Olde Magic Mag, the 21st century digital newsletter about the History of magic and the business of collecting magic apparatus and memorabilia.

This magazine wants to be a vehicle to the distribution of information about the fascinating world of the history of conjuring, while at the same time providing an environment where to publish research on the subject of theatrical magic which do not warrant the in-depth investigation necessary for the publication of a scholarly article on one of the academic magazines of the sector.

The magazine is available in digital format, to be enjoyed not only on a computer’s screen, but especially designed to be read on portable devices. For hard-core magic collectors, a small number of hard copies of each issue have been printed on high-quality paper, and individually numbered to allow the more serious collector to have an official paper file: when buying a printed copy, you will be able to download also its digital version to be enjoyed immediately.

Ye Olde Magic Mag taster issue now available!

ISSUE ZERO is FREE and available for download right now! It is a sampler issue which should give an idea of the format and the content of the magazine. As such, issue Zero is eight pages long: we plan to publish four issues per calendar year of about 50-60 pages each. If you want to be notified when the next issue will be available, please register your email address: your email will not be shared with anybody and you will only get notifications about new issues of Ye Olde Magic Mag.

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