Vol. 1 Issue 4

ye olde magic mag #4 - dai vernon cardini samek, houdini, pinetti, marco pusterlaThe last issue of Volume 1 of Ye Olde Magic Mag is available, and it is dedicated mainly to the business of collecting magic (but we don’t forget the history of magic). ONLY 75 PRINTED COPIES are available and a few will available at the European Magic History Conference in Paris between 4 and 6 September 2015.

In this issue:

  • Stars of Magic“, our cover feature: the portraits of the greatest magicians in history on collectible playing cards, and the story behind this project.
  • Would you believe that Giuseppe Pinetti‘s patter, in Italian, has been recorded? Pietro Micheli reveals it all!
  • What magic collectibles have been presented at FISM? What was all the controversy at the event? You can read it here, in an article by Ye Olde Magic Reporter!
  • Martin Chapender, Houdini, Dante, Chev. Thorn and many other magicians of times past have been sold at auction in the last three months: discover the most exciting magic auctions of the summer.
  • FISM: the Book, about the history of the Federation of Magic Societies, has just been published. Discover it through an interview to his author, Aldo Ghiurmino
  • Mia Magic, a new magic builder specialized in collectible apparatus, explains the work behind the construction of exquisite magic tricks.
  • Who was Samek? Discover a forgotten Czech magician and a poster you have almost certainly never seen.
  • Are you in Germany? Do you know what your government is going to do with your collection? Read Chewing the (magic) fat and see if you are going to be affected by a new law!
  • And much more, in the largest issue to date: 56 pages in the print edition!

This issue contains more than 19,000 words and, once again, is available as a Download (contact us for the download) and in printed format, for the most distinguished collectors.

Due to changes in the European law on VAT on digital products, if you live in Europe, you cannot automatically buy ONLY the digital copy of the magazine (you still get it free when buying a printed copy), but you will have to Contact Us to receive a PayPal invoice and the download link. Sorry for any inconvenience. As we don’t have the technology to verify if you live outside of Europe, if you want to buy ONLY the digital issue, please Contact Us. If you think this legislation is unjust, you may want to consider signing this petition.

Issue 4 of Ye Olde Magic Mag is 4.5MB in size, has 41 pages and it contains more than 19,000 words. Download your copy now!

Ye Olde Magic Mag is the first fully-digital magazine on Magic History and on collecting magical memorabilia, edited and published by Marco Pusterla, M.M.C. A quarterly publication, it is available in a small number of printed copies, all individually numbered and signed, for real collectors. The printed version (56 pages long) allows access to the digital one and is shipped post-free worldwide! With the printed edition there is a small magical collectible, something exclusive to Ye Olde Magic Mag. You cannot reserve a number as they are assigned sequentially when you order a copy. There is no subscription for Volume 1 of the magazine: you can buy only the issues you want, when they are released.

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