Vol. 2 Issue 2

Ye Olde Magic Mag Vol 2 issue 2 - Yank Hoe, Byzantine Magic, Auction ActionThe March 2016 issue of Ye Olde Magic Mag is now available for download and purchase (the limited edition print version that is). Volume 2 issue 2 is 60 pages long, with no adverts and crammed with magic history articles and discussions on magic collectibles. A few copies of the print issue are available, as most have been sent to the subscribers, while we always have the digital version,in PDF format.

In this issue:

  • A “book of secrets” from the Byzantine period (eleventh century) has been identified and, exclusively for Ye Olde Magic Mag, the magic secrets of the era have been translated into English for the first time. What were doing the conjurers of the Eastern Roman Empire?
  • Every magician knows the Matrix trick, where four coins join together under a card. Wayne Roberts investigates the history of this trick and its ancestors, and you will be amazed in discovering its lineage.
  • What do you know about Yank Hoe? Not much, right? In this issue, for the first time, the veil of mystery is lifted from Yank Hoe’s life and you will discover a story of betrayal, violence, magic, juggling and cuckoldry… and also Yank Hoe’s real name!
  • Would you follow instructions in a magic book telling you to kill a cat? In this issue, we give you one of the most shocking magic tricks ever published. even if we don’t recommend its performance.
  • Resident bibliophile James Smith is back with his article on important magic books sold in 2015: discover some amazing and important magic tomes you may have missed.
  • A few books about magic history and old-time magicians are reviewed in our column Chewing the (Magic) Fat.
  • Finally, our regular feature Auction Action shows some of the most unusual and important magic items that sold at public auction in the past quarter, including some unique German posters from the middle of the 19th century, some never-seen-before Houdini postcards, some posters of forgotten magicians, and much more!
  • The printed edition contains an exclusive insert: a custom-made postcard reproducing a rare poster of Yank Hoe, the Italian juggler and illusionist who invented one of the most influential close-up tricks in history, the Sympathetic Coins.

All this and more in the second issue of the second volume of Ye Olde Magic Mag!
This issue contains more than 24,250 words and, once again, is available as a Download (contact us for the download) and in printed format, for the most distinguished collectors.

Due to changes in the European law on VAT on digital products, if you live in Europe, you cannot automatically buy ONLY the digital copy of the magazine (you still get it free when buying a printed copy), but you will have to Contact Us to receive a PayPal invoice and the download link. Sorry for any inconvenience. As we don’t have the technology to verify if you live outside of Europe, if you want to buy ONLY the digital issue, please Contact Us.

The Digital Issue no. 2 of Volume 2 of Ye Olde Magic Mag is 4MB in size, has 49 pages and it contains more than 24,200 words. Download your copy now!

Ye Olde Magic Mag is the first fully-digital magazine on Magic History and on collecting magical memorabilia, edited and published by Marco Pusterla, M.M.C. A quarterly publication, it is available in a small number of printed copies, all individually numbered and signed, for real collectors. The printed version (60 pages long) gives access to the digital one and is shipped post-free worldwide! With the printed edition there is a small magical collectible, something exclusive to Ye Olde Magic Mag. You cannot reserve a number as they are assigned sequentially when you order a copy. If you prefer, you can subscribe to the magazine with a PayPal recurring payment.

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