Vol. 2 Issue 1

Ye Olde Magic Mag - Volume 2 - Issue 1 - Collecting Digital MagicThe first issue of Volume 2 of Ye Olde Magic Mag is the largest one to date, with a whopping 64 pages of magic history and magic collectibles that have surfaced between September and December 2015. In this issue:

  • Annie Abbott, the “Little Georgia Magnet,” toured Europe in 1892. During her extensive tour of Italy, Emilio Salgari, the noted Italian adventure writer, had the opportunity to investigate her. For the first time in English, the comments of Salgari on Annie Abbott, enriched by an article by Felice Pozzo, the most eminent Salgari expert, on magic in Salgari’s books.
  • Did Charles Dickens pen magic articles in the magazines he edited? Ian Keable thought he didn’t, but has he changed his mind? Or did he discover whether Dickens wrote more about magic? All is revealed in Ye Olde Magic Mag.
  • The feature article in this issue deals on how to collect Digital Magic, a subject that – until now – has never been investigated sufficiently. Marco Pusterla delves in the subject offering years of expertise in the digital field, on how to ensure magical digital media is preserved for the collector and the historian.
  • Vanni Bossi, the noted Italian magic historian and collector, passed away seven years ago, this December. His nephew, Roberto Bombassei, remembers him in a touching and interesting, short article.
  • Many contemporary collectors did not have the opportunity to attend some legendary magic auctions of the past: would it not be nice to go back in time and be there? At the Findlay, Winder, Mulholland or Christopher auction? James Smith, our resident librarian, does just this, taking us back in time to the Christie-Miller auction of 1925 where some incredibly rare magic books were sold, in the first “Dream Auction” article in what will be a recurring series.
  • In early September, about 130 magic historians and collectors descended to Paris to attend the sixth European Magic History Conference. One of our reporters was there and you will be able to read a review of the three days of magic of this important event.
  • How many magic auctions in the past three months? Did you know about the Robert-Houdin letter that didn’t sell? Or about the letter in which Houdini reveals the intricate details of a card trick? Or about the dozen copies of Guyot and Ozanam books recently sold in France? Or… well, all this and more in our Auction Action column, a long-standing favourite.
  • Our editor, Marco Pusterla rants about magic history subjects and talks about some limited edition books just out in his Chewing the (Magic) Fat column, in which a dum-dum bullet makes its appearance, for the first time (probably) in a magic magazine.
  • Complimentary CD with Athur R. Hambling talking about old time magiciansThe insert for the print edition is an EXCLUSIVE audio CD saved from a recording from 1980. This CD is not available on its own, and it’s included, free of charge, only with the print edition. In it, Arthur R. Hambling, the mysterious A.R.H. of Abracadabra, talks about the Maskelynes, the Davenports, Will Goldston, Cingalee, Ching Wu (Cingalee’s father) and many other magicians of the British scene of the early 20th century.

All this and more in the first issue of the second volume of Ye Olde Magic Mag!
This issue contains almost 25,000 words and, once again, is available as a Download (contact us for the download) and in printed format, for the most distinguished collectors.

Due to changes in the European law on VAT on digital products, if you live in Europe, you cannot automatically buy ONLY the digital copy of the magazine (you still get it free when buying a printed copy), but you will have to Contact Us to receive a PayPal invoice and the download link. Sorry for any inconvenience. As we don’t have the technology to verify if you live outside of Europe, if you want to buy ONLY the digital issue, please Contact Us. If you think this legislation is unjust, you may want to consider signing this petition.

The Digital Issue no. 1 of Volume 2 of Ye Olde Magic Mag is 5MB in size, has 47 pages and it contains more than 24,000 words. Download your copy now!

Ye Olde Magic Mag is the first fully-digital magazine on Magic History and on collecting magical memorabilia, edited and published by Marco Pusterla, M.M.C. A quarterly publication, it is available in a small number of printed copies, all individually numbered and signed, for real collectors. The printed version (64 pages long) gives access to the digital one and is shipped post-free worldwide! With the printed edition there is a small magical collectible, something exclusive to Ye Olde Magic Mag. You cannot reserve a number as they are assigned sequentially when you order a copy. If you prefer, you can subscribe to the magazine with a PayPal recurring payment.

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