Vol. 6 Issue 1

Mainly American magic history in the first issue of Volume 6 (December 2019) of Ye Olde Magic Mag, available for download and in a very small number of printed copies (with an exclusive insert)
In this (almost) All-American issue:

  • Don Alan, the most copied close-up magician of all times, gave a very controversial lecture in Chicago in 1975. For the first time, the full, unedited transcript of the lecture is available in this issue, thanks to Tim Glander who recorded it on his portable cassette recorder.
  • Dai Vernon is just one of the magicians of yore who was amazed by the card skills of the mysterious Fred Black. The likeness of Mr. Black, and some biographical and magical information is revealed by Michael Perovich
  • Is the term “Jap Box” a derogative one? Does the naughty word indicates the country of Japan? James Kleefeld doesn’t think so: see if you agree with his discovery and his perspective.
  • Pietro Micheli presents the second part of his research on Hungarian magician Joseph Velle revealing some important information about magic advertising in the 19th century and showing some hitherto unknown posters of Velle.
  • James Smith (our resident librarian) attended the 8th European Magic History Conference in Vienna (Austria) and reports in detail on this important magic history event.
  • In our column, Chewing the (Magic) Fat, you can find reviews of four (4! no kidding!) magic history books and more! For the record, the books are: Fair Tricks (Jim & Sage Hagy); I Remember (George Rees); Lost Morritt (Jim Steinmeyer); and Ernest Sewell and the London Magical Co. (Philip D. Treece)
  • How many important magic memorabila was sold in the past quarter? Check Auction Action for the low-down of what important magic fell under the hammer!

This 64 pages issue contains more than 25,500 words and is available as a Download and in printed format, LIMITED TO 100 SIGNED AND NUMBERED COPIES, for the most distinguished collectors. The printed edition contains an EXCLUSIVE INSERT: an audio CD containing the full recording of Don Alan‘s “Lecture on Ethics” digitally restored.

Download your copy now (about 4.5MB) to learn about the history of magic and magic collecting!

Ye Olde Magic Mag is the first fully-digital magazine on Magic History and on collecting magical memorabilia, edited and published by Marco Pusterla, A.I.M.C. A quarterly publication, available in a small number of printed copies, all individually numbered and signed, for real collectors. The printed version is shipped post-free worldwide and gives access to the digital copy! If you prefer, you can subscribe to the magazine with a PayPal recurring payment and that will ensure you receive the same issue number every time.

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