Vol. 5 Issue 3

Ye Olde Magic Mag Volume 5 Issue 3 (June 2019)Who was the “Mysterious Lady“? For more than 170 years the identity of this mind reader who caused a stir on both sides of the Atlantic was a mystery. This is no longer so as in the latest issue of Ye Olde Magic Mag you can read the first part of an investigation on the woman behind the mystery.
In this issue:

  • The first part (of two) of a research by Peter Brunning on the Mysterious Lady, a Victorian mind-reader who perfomed for Queen Victoria herself.
  • The seventh and last part of the research on the tricks of Chefalo, by Marco Pusterla.We reveal in this issue the tricks that Will Goldston was barred from explaining!
  • A review of the Historie Van Magie Convention in Belgium, by Kobe van Herwegen and Nikolaas Martens.
  • Reviews of magic history books from all over the world, in Chewing the (Magic) Fat
  • The most unusual and interesting magic objects, books and memorabilia sold at auction in the past three months, including the major magic auctions.

This 56 pages issue contains almost 21,000 words and is available as a Download and in printed format, LIMITED TO 100 SIGNED AND NUMBERED COPIES, for the most distinguished collectors. The printed edition contains an EXCLUSIVE INSERT: a poster reproducing the plans for some tricks by Chefalo that Will Goldston was forbidden to publish. This information is not available anywhere else: don’t miss it!

Download your copy now (about 3.5MB) to learn about the history of magic and magic collecting!

Ye Olde Magic Mag is the first fully-digital magazine on Magic History and on collecting magical memorabilia, edited and published by Marco Pusterla, A.I.M.C. A quarterly publication, available in a small number of printed copies, all individually numbered and signed, for real collectors. The printed version is shipped post-free worldwide and gives access to the digital copy! If you prefer, you can subscribe to the magazine with a PayPal recurring payment and that will ensure you receive the same issue number every time.

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